Void in the Sky is available now!

Today we are happy to announce that we released Void in the Sky! Take a Look:

Void in the Sky

Void in The Sky


Are you looking for a anime style game where you can perform dance moves while you do skydiving and then you fight a (somehow cute) demon dragon all wrapped in pixel graphics? where don't look further because we got you covered!

If you want us to be more precise our game offers the following features:

  • Perform dance moves indefinitely while you are skydiving!
  • Learn new dance moves an obtain different benefits.  Defeat enemies and destroy obstacles to progress in the game.
  • Defeat a dragon and unveil the mysteries of the void.
  • If you have heard of our project "Soul Update" you can find a little treat inside the game ;)


Amazing people that made this game possible:

Need more info or contact us? --> Gelo Studio Official Website

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